The Red Thread Quartet ® 1506 Magallanes, Chile
A Fairy Tale Family History
"Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again."
~C.S. Lewis 
The Red Thread QuartetSeven SeedsChapter 1, Beauty

Neve has lived with her 7 little uncles since she was 8.  She remembers two things about her life before; she once had a brother who disappeared when she was 8, and she never wants to go home again.  One day, Isaac Chevalier shows up on her doorstep, and reminds her of everything she left behind.  He wants to take her home, but neither Neve nor her guardians will agree to it, unless he can accomplish two impossible tasks.  He must find the Little Prince for Neve, and kill an immortal queen.
And so begins Isaac's journey north, to the glass castle of the Ice Queen.  Along the way, he will be aided by 5 fairies with one big secret, a polar bear under a spell, and a star in chains.  Before he reaches his destination, he learns that Neve has died, her soul trapped in a shadow land adjacent to Helle.  To get her back, Isaac will have to play a dangerous game with the Ice Queen and pass through the belly of the underworld. 
If he fails, generations after him will pay, because the Little Prince is more important than any of them can imagine.  Before there was Neve, there was her mother, whose gentle love story is a short lived exception from the bitterness of her own family. Generations will be tangled in a web of wickedness that all leads back to a secret shared by her grandparents, unless Isaac can deliver the miracle they're all hoping for.
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